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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sunday, May 23 2010
Waking up every morning to make the body so fresh, like what happened today I woke up this morning I woke up because there is martial arts training that is Taekwondo. After I had prepared what it takes to exercise and check my gym Taewodo langusung towards me. There was already a lot of friends who have started to exercise and there are also warming. When she saw my friends there who have started doing a kick, I kick and it turned out too good tendanganku no longer what it used to it because I had a month is not Taekwondo training. Initially I had time to be disappointed in myself, but I’m trying to menjad better. The second time I tried to do the kick is still ugly, still ugly third time. For a moment I thought why I can not improve my kick?. after a long silence and calm pekiran me, I tried to kick again and finally I could too.
I feel better after my coach told me to Mr Muhib Dolke kick ever taught first and I immediately kicked Dolke style, pretty good by my coach. I repeatedly kick Dolke get better and my movement. After two hours of exercise I feel tired, my coach told me to rest Muhib and drink some water and martial arts lessons Taekwondo today is complete.
Monday, May 24 2010
Ceremony began with the routine activities every Monday, every student is required to report their activities during one week of class. The report starts from grade one class up to grade three junior high and high school grade report ends with a report from the University of Life (UK). After class completion report continued with the notification any information from his own friends. After the ceremony finished, then I entered the classroom to discuss the continuation of the class activities. My class was accompanied by sister and brother Najib Ipoel they both began to ask us what our desires?. Ipoel and Najib’s brother asked us to answer that question. After all my friends to answer questions put by Ipoel and Najib’s brother, and then we discuss and find solutions to solve the problems that we face today.
Many solutions that we tried but we finally agreed to go to class every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. History lessons Monday, Wednesday and Saturday biology lesson english lesson. After all agree with the deal finally finished today’s meeting as well.
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
There are no events on this special day in addition to the internet and find some articles about microsoft robotics studio softwere 1.5. starting yesterday I was interested in microsoft robotics studio softwere 1.5, because this softwere is used to make the robot by using either C + + programming language. And today I also direct softwere donwload microsoft robotics studio 1.5 but I have not tried softwere is because there are several components that must be on again when installing softwere donwload it.
Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Today I have a meeting with my friends one of my classes to discuss the biology lesson, but not in accordance with the plan because the book we learn biology that would not exist in our school library. But all that does not make the spirit of learning we become lost, ipoel and Najib’s brother eventually replace a discussion today with a history lesson IPS. We learn about the revolution and french revolution cause and effect of french country, after we’ve read the material about the french revolution, we discuss to discuss in detail and covers more about the French revolution when the leadership of King Luis the number 15. Long enough we discussed about the french revolution and the end time shows 10:15 am as agreed by the class, the class finished at 10:00 and I was with friends one class I would agree to end the meeting and the discussion today.
After the meeting finished class, I went straight to the computer room to edit the video, because I still have the responsibility to complete my work, ie video editing orchestra in my DISA.
Thursday, May 27, 2010
Because today I am no class meetings and do not have the busyness, I continue to edit the video yesterday I did not finish because a lot of videos that should be in the edit. There are some problems when I edit the video today, because many files are damaged and I can not fix by sony vegas 5.0 softwere, what can we do if that file is damaged? Forced to file is not corrupted as I edit but it did not make my job a lessened my work opposite growing because the client I ask for the videotape from the beginning to the end of the wedding. I can only pray: Lord ease my work, amen ….
Friday, May 28, 2010
Tuesday as planned yesterday, me and my friends will visit JIFFES (Jakarta International Film Festival). Usually there’s only event in Jakarta JIFFES but is currently traveling to several cities in Indonesia and one of the city of choice for the city of Solo JIFFES held not far from the town of Salatiga. At 13:17 I and my friends went to the city of Solo as film screenings event starts at 15:00. At 14:45 we had reached the city of Solo opera house because JIFFES event held in this place. Unlike existing in the existing schedule of film screenings at the ticket, it turns out screening at 15:30 hours but the delay until it’s okay because we could rest before the show started screening.


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