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Sunday, October 23, 2011


This week I was really busy by the many activities, one of them is an exercise to music with my friend GK event held once a month, we practiced routinely in this week. We will feature two songs in this show, songs from the Type-X “Black Roses” and songs from SID “When We’re Together”.
In GK this time we have not only featuring music, but there are some of our friends who also come to this party. Something was different this time on the show GK, GK had guests from Padang, West Sumatra. Show more festive because guests from Padang showing one of the dance area.
Not only that, one companion also features a desert-themed music.
But I’m not happy with the show, because there is a slight problem when the appearance of music from me and my friends. For example like the guitar sound that sometimes are not audible. Our performances become less of maximum, and we’ve been practicing long enough to enliven this GK events. I hope the next GK event could be better than yesterday.
A few days before the arrival of guests from Padang, I also have a busy assisting the preparation to welcome the guests from Padang. I was with my friends form the welcoming committee group. Our duty to prepare a resting place for guests and accompany the guests.
We divide the task of cleaning the resting place of guests, there is a charge of cleaning the rooms, there is a check on the water, there is an electrical repair. We all help each other so we could quickly complete the task.
Although the task was exhausting, but we remain excited about doing it. Because this common task is very pleasant, because I think by doing tasks together with a friend it would be more fun than doing the task itself.
After we finished doing our duty, we rest together in the stall Mbah Lam. There, we drank coffee together, eat together, and joked together. We feel tired, we lost in our break time.
The day before the event GK, I also have activities that are not less interesting. The day was Friday, I shared some of my friends come third graders in junior high school swim Kalitaman. The idea of swimming was actually derived from the child’s third grade junior high school, they want to exercise together and try something new. Swimming together is something new for them, because they have never swam with a class. Not just one class that involved swimming, they also invited some of their friends, one of me and my friends. In the pool, we joked together, there also teach their friends who could not swim. Most importantly, we all feel very happy to be swimming along and joked together. And most importantly, refreshing.


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