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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Date: 17/05/2010 – 22/05/2010
Monday I did not go to school, because not feeling well. Actually I want to leave, but just not able to buad road (the road just want to back), apalagti make up the motor. Actually, really bored at home, alone again in his home. Add bored at home. But there are also delicious, which is in perduliin. But though the love of eating, drinking, but it still did not enjoy it because the bitter tongue. But in the afternoon after a shampoo bath, his head slightly lighter than the morning. Then, after a bath, because the dirty dishes and other loads, I had to wash. So even though I felt really dizzy. Yes .. to know how to anymore. Then my mother had come home, (from where i do not know) but the job is not finished. Then, I’ll tell in order to stop in, but I’m still not listening to ngeyel. Then at night so recurrent headache anymore, because last kecapian.
Tuesday, I also do not leave, because it is still very, very felt dizzy. Thus forced to not go again.
Actually had a headache already somewhat better and want to go to school. But I must menyinom in place of the marriage. Actually I do not want to, but mantennya who came alone to me, anyways also close neighbors, so it should come.

Today is actually still felt dizzy because of possible exhaustion. Yet there I was like a foreman, actually did not enjoy the same friends there, but yes … to know how to anymore. He said that important has arrived. but did not enjoy the same grade, having been three days did not leave. Anyway yesterday it had gone to the place where people get married, do not cook off. Later on talking again graders. I came very late, because it was waiting for a new motor in use. But I have a permit. After gathering the classroom, turn-hour English language, but mbak wiwinnya yet to come. So I take “math” first while waiting for his companion. I fit more in spirit of mathematics, has even now come running mate, and I must respect comes. The special, Ulfa, Tanzil not participate in the English language permits. They are on learning math. Besides them, others learn English. But the English language has on malas.sebetulnya I also lazy, but I must respect his companion, since it took time to accompany the study. Learning to Azaan Dhuhr BI. Jump in tausy’ah continue. Ngisi iniu times that is not Sri. Sri bu not have long come to give Tausyiah. This time the theme is “When You Have to Go Into Doctor”.
Today the class plan to swim together at Kalitaman, but I did not participate because it is still a little dizzy. So I just typed a blog assignment.
Today the class because there are not congregated GK. I joined GK Just a minute, because in order mbak Nurul joined the workshop on “Young Children delinquency” in SMAN3 Salatiga until 12:00 hours. Me and Khusnul departures.
And arrived at our school directly participate tausyi’ah.


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