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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Learning community radio Qaryah Thayyibah is radio broadcast station that is owned, managed, dedicated, on the initiative and founded by a community. Executing broadcasting (radio) community known as community broadcasters.

The role and function of Community Radio
Community radio as one part of the broadcasting system in practice. Community radio to deliver information needs of the community, both related to the aspirations of citizens and the programs of the government to jointly explore and develop the potential problems that exist in the environment. Existence of community radio is also one of them is to create good governance.
That broadcasters (radio) is an information and communications media have an important role in disseminating information in a balanced and equitable society, has the freedom and responsibility in carrying out its function as a medium of information, education, entertainment, control as well as social glue.
  • The purpose of Community Radio KBQT
- Brought to the Village an independent and Sciences.
- Provide insight to the local people.
  • Activity Plan:

1. Type of activity

-         Say Good Morning
-         About the Society
-         Sharing
Note :

Information content of radio broadcasts can be community eye view reports in any location where problems facing society. Community radio is therefore strived to conform with the material and (rembug warga). this allows the broadcast will be a tool for stimulating dialogue and discussion for the efforts of solving the problem collectively.
2. Activity time
- Time broadcast 3 X in one day.
  • Time : 06.00 s/d 08.00
  • Time : 13.00 s/d 15.00
  • Time : 19.00 s/d 21.00
- Conducted every day
3. Place Of Actifity
- Upper Room / ( p.achmad Room )
4. Destination Activities
- Brought to the Village an independent and Sciences.
- Provide insight to the local people.
Consultant                  : Pak Ahmad
Technician                 : Pak Pai
Chairman                   : Mas Ipoel
Vice chairman           : Upik
Secretary                   : Qonik
Core Team ( determine the direction of )
This team is a team that has full liability for community radio
Responsible for equipment and place are obliged to care for radio equipment and places.
Responsible for equipment and place1. Ipoel2. Adi
3. Photenk
4. Qonik
5. Ulfa
Responsible person is obliged to arrange and coordinate events that will broadcast the event
Responsible Events 1. Shalma2. Emy
3. Cuznoel
Koordinator reporter berkewajiban untuk mengoordinasi reporter supasa mendapatkan berita-berita yang aktual
Reporter Coordinator 1. Fani2. Upik
3. Isma
  1. Salma
  2. Hana
  3. Fani
  4. Isma
  5. Emy
  6. Upik
  7. Cuznul
  8. Puji
  9. Photeng
  10. Yusuf
  1. Ella
  2. Naylul
  3. Hany
  4. Qonik
  5. Adi

Member Radio

  1. Ipoel
  2. Upik
  3. Cuznoel
  4. Puji
  5. Isma
  6. Qonik
  7. Emy
  8. Ulfa (UK)
  9. Hany
  1. Naylul
  2. Ella
  3. Fanny
  4. Hana
  5. Shalma
  6. Adi ( cilik )
  7. Amri
  8. Yusuf
  9. Zuhri


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